Your coronavirus need-to-know: Philly mayor tells residents to stop flushing face masks; Fauci talks schools reopening

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The nation’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said he’s “cautiously optimistic” a coronavirus vaccine will provide some protection, but is concerned about how long that protection could last.

And when we finally do get a vaccine, experts say it’ll likely require two shots, plus a booster years later.

In other news, Philadelphia residents have been flushing face masks, gloves and wipes down the toilet. The mayor of Philadelphia is asking residents to watch what they flush –most of the sewer and storm water pumping stations experienced clogs from the safety items while the city’s stay-at-home order was in effect.

“Please do not flush any of these items down the toilet,” the mayor said.

The coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon. Worldwide, there have been almost 6.5 million confirmed cases and the United States is inching closer to 2 million, according to the Johns Hopkins University dashboard.