An Unhinged Trump Just Lashed Out at NYT’s Maggie Haberman During No-News Press Conference, ‘Third Rate Reporter!’


We have no idea why Trump believed he needed to have another press conference today. One wasn’t originally scheduled. We can only guess that he just couldn’t pass up the chance, because he went straight to partisanship, blaming Democrats for not bending to his well on the Paycheck Protection Program in the first minute.

This is how Trump begins, interpreting everything to his benefit:

He continues to say that everything was “completely broken,” one that he inherited, despite him being president for over three years now.

Trump continued to throw out numbers that don’t mean anything to anyone, “four million tests,” “tremendous unused capacity” and talking about the “tremendous testing program.” He actually said that hospitals didn’t even have ventilators before he became president, which will come as news to every hospital out there.

Trump then did a disgusting reenactment of the swab taken “up your nose,” and then bragged that he had the new “Abbot test” that is saliva-based.

He went right back to “inherited a terribly broken system.” Even though there is a shortage of both supplies and medications, Trump almost sounded as though he was bragging for having ended it, using the disease and virus in the past tense – he genuinely has no plan to do much from this point forward. He sees it as a job completed.

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