New Polling Shows 56% Support Medicare For All


2017 Republicans were unable to agree on a replacement for Obamacare, and now Democrats are trying to figure out their healthcare plan with Medicare for all becoming the latest Progressive buzzwords erasing Kaiser Paul shows that a majority of them, 56 % and 81 % of Democrats support a National healthcare plan, but the field of potential 2020 Democratic candidates have a very different sense of what that plan would look like. They raised him entirely.


Replacing private insurance companies for the government to give me all Americans the option to buy into Medicare to lowering the age that Medicare kicks in. Naturally, let’s watch, how do we get Universal, covering medicare-for-all lots of haves for how to do that? That everyone gets access to Medical Care and you don’t have to go through the process of going through an insurance company. That’S eliminate all of that. Let’S move on you’re still have private healthcare. That Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and that we should create a medicare-for-all single-payer system. I was sold on crazy, its extreme On The Fringe guy medical ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania say thank you for joining us doctor a night. I guess you’ll have to explain what is Medicare for all actually mean.


As you hear, Elizabeth Warren different views on at 1 Bears The Bernie Sanders view, which is get rid of all the insurance companies and have everyone do traditional MediCare at The Other Extreme? It could be well if you want to buy into Medicare. If you don’t have an insurance policy or you can’t there’s not an affordable out there for you, then you can get into Medicare and then in between there’s a variety of other possibilities. But one of them is the Medicare Advantage. Arrangement would be open to everyone and do options that are not just private insurance plans that you could select but. Traditional Medicare, so there’s a spectrum of what it might mean and a lot of people are not defining to carefully at the moment their views. Although Senator Harris Senator Sanders have been pretty clear about their View to your 65 and then, if you live 10 years more you get, which is about average 10 to 11 years for a male you get 10 or 11 years and coverage for all those 50 years.


You paid in if your woman, you may be forced to get 15 years. That’S your life expectancy, but the go from that to assist you’re covered for health for your whole life. How could you possibly pay into it during your lifetime? Your working life do to offset the costs of your Healthcare from day one when you’re born. Let’S distinguish distinguish two things Chris: when is What’s the total cost of healthcare, and actually most of the analyses show that if you do Medicare for all the total cost of healthcare, doesn’t change doesn’t increase, it actually might decrease a little bit. So the issue is where’s. The money coming from now, yes, as a stock boy or as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, I get my insurance. My employer sponsors it, but it basically is coming out of my salary in a hidden way as a friend benefit. So if you want to Medicare for all that money, that’s really coming out of my salary would have to be transferred to the government, and then the government would go without, as you point out, either it to doctors and hospitals from traditional Medicare or to insurance companies And doctors and hospitals through Medicare Part C, I think it’s important to distinguish one – is how the money changes. But the fact is, it’s not going to be more money.

It’S just going to be, which Ledger is it on? Is it on the tax erosion on the employment Fringe benefit Ledger different than what we’re paying now it’s a matter of which pot it comes from not that the pot is going to grow, so medicare-for-all is not actually growing. How much we’re spending on Healthcare by your body and needs to remember? Each year we spend 3.5 trillion dollars that makes the American Healthcare System the fifth largest economy in the world. We in the United States states spend more money on Healthcare than the British economy than the entire French economy and we’re just below the German econ, so we’re spending a lot of money. The issue on Medicare, for all, is where does it come from, rather than are we going to grow? It show me on this list to see lots of other great videos.
“Medicare for All” has become a huge topic for 2020 candidates. And a majority of Americans have shown support for a national health care plan. Reported