login – Yubikey stops Contact ID from working

login – Yubikey stops Contact ID from working

I exploit a Yubikey Nano (USBC) and it permits me to 2fa very conviniently.

Once I plugged it in, my OSX gave me the choice to pair it with my login account and use it as a method of logging in as nicely. I used to be glad to try this because it shortened the password at occasions once I wanted to make use of it.

Nevertheless, the facet impact has been that my Contact ID is now not lively, as I by no means get the chance to enter my OSX login password. And that’s required for Contact ID to do its factor.

I can set off the password immediate by forcing situations which required Contact ID to work (for instance, triggering biometric auth in software program like Bitwarden.)

I also can do the identical by quickly plugging out the Yubikey each time I reboot.

Is there a cleaner method of prompting Contact ID to arm itself by asking me my Mac OS X login password? A shell command perhaps?


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