Don Cheadle wears Trump Soviet Union hockey jersey on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Actor Don Cheadle wore a retro Soviet Union hockey jersey with President Trump‘s name featured on the back as he hosted the latest episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Footage from the final scene of the show displays Cheadle wearing a red and white, long-sleeved hockey jersey with the letters CCCP, short for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, featured across the front.

As the credits roll, Cheadle turns his back to the camera, showing a jersey that features the name “Trump” and the number “45” on the back.

Earlier in the show, Cheadle wore a black and white shirt featuring the message, “Protect Trans Kids.”

“SNL” took aim at Trump multiple times on Saturday.

Actor Alec Baldwin impersonated what he called the president’s “fake”national emergency declaration.

“We have a tremendous amount of drugs flowing into the country from the southern border — or the brown line, as many people have asked me not to call it,” Baldwin said. “That’s why we need wall. Because wall works. Wall makes safe.”

Trump criticized the show on Sunday morning, asking in a tweet how NBC and the program could “get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution?”