Racist Dad Puts His Kid In Blackface As A F*** You To Black Lives Matter Racist Dad Puts His Kid In Blackface As A F*** You To Black Lives Matter

Racist Dad Puts His Kid In Blackface As A F*** You To Black Lives Matter

Father of the year has son dress in “blackface” for Halloween.

For some people, it’s never too early for Halloween. Take Mike Mccoy, 2016’s father of the year, for example. Because this guy’s also a special kind of @sshole, he not only encouraged his son to dress up in blackface for Halloween to insult the Black Lives Matter movement, he shared it on Facebook with the #SpiceGang 101 hashtag.

Mike McCoy wrote in his Facebook post:

“My son wanted to dress up as something retarded for Halloween. Thought about it for a second…… Came up with a black lives matter protester. Seems fitting.”

Apparently, Mike McCoy likes to insult both black people and people with mental disabilities.

And just to make sure no one missed the point, he also posted the actual photos of his son in blackface for the world to see. Luckily, this unfortunate child’s face is slathered in makeup enough to ensure that his teachers, friends, classmates and future employers won’t recognize him. Otherwise, he’d have to get plastic surgery and join the witness protection program.

We, here at US Uncut, did a lot of searching but could not find the original post or track down the *ahem* real Mccoy. Perhaps this dad came to his senses and either deleted everything or made all his posts private.

Unfortunately for Mike Mccoy and his son, the Internet never forgets. This week, Al Jazeera’s Khaled Beydoun got hold of it and tweeted it out with this message:

“Myth: Racism declines with time. Reality: See below.”

Because, seriously, haven’t we gotten past blatant displays of racism like blackface by now? Apparently not.


While mainstream conservative pundits and political leaders have refrained from the more obvious forms of racism, the ugliness remains a disturbing feature of American life. And Mike McCoy’s post is just the tip of the iceberg.

Blackface is a long-time racist tradition in the U.S. dating back from minstrel shows of the 1830s-1890s. As Black-Face.com explains, it’s a form of entertainment in which white actors put on black makeup and spread these incredibly racist stereotypes in the guise of comedy.

Originating in the White man’s characterizations of plantation slaves and free blacks during the era of minstrel shows (1830-1890), the caricatures took such a firm hold on the American imagination that audiences expected any person with dark skin, no matter what their background, to conform to one or more of the stereotypes…

And guess what? These vile caricatures of African-Americans remain familiar to most of us today:

  • Jim Crow and Zip Coon: Uppity, ostentatiously dressed, and speaking in “a series of malaprops and puns.”
  • Mammy: The kind but independent and sassy “source of earthy wisdom.”
  • Uncle Tom: He’s “good, gentle, religious and sober” and also cooperates with white people.
  • Buck: The “large black man who is proud, sometimes menacing,” and always chasing white women.
  • Wench/Jezebel: The temptress who lures white men to their doom.
  • Mulatto: A “tragic figure” who “either intentionally or unintentionally passes for white” until she discovers she has that fatal one drop of “negro blood” or another character reveals her to be black.
  • Pickaninny: Cute little kids with huge eyes, patched clothes, and unkempt hair who love gobbling down huge slices of watermelon.

Of course, white people at the time could not accept actual black performers on the stage. Even in the 1930s — long after the Emancipation Proclamation — child stars like Shirley Temple and Judy Garland were still playing “pickanninies” in blackface.

Americans also loathed and distrusted Jews and foreigners of all kinds. This irony surely was not lost on Al Jolson, the Russian-born Jew who helped popularize jazz in his 1927 classic, The Jazz Singer…Which he performed in blackface.

How is “blackface” still a thing?

Donald Trump’s supporters apparently haven’t gotten the message that we now live in the 21st Century. One of the worst — and most popular — insults they can level at Hillary Clinton is the FALSE story of her dressing in blackface for a Halloween party. The widely-tweeted photo below shows someone who’s supposedly her with a man who’s supposedly Bill dressed as a hillbilly. Get it? Hill-Billy?

Since these right-wingers remain impervious to facts, they don’t care that Snopes.Com has declared this rumor false.

A photograph showing a woman in blackface and a man dressed as a hillbilly is not a picture of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

This, however, does not change the fact that someone actually dressed up in that hideous blackface costume. And we’re still seeing way too many blackface photos from parties. how is this still a thing?


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